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    Updating cwcheat

    _S NPJH-50878 _G Toukiden Kiwami v1.06/1.07 _C0 60 fps _L 0x E02B0000 0x101448FC _L 0x201448FC 0x00000000 _L 0x20004000 0x3C043F80 _L 0x203778D8 0x3C043F80 _L 0x20174168 0x0A200FC0 _L 0x20003F00 0x3C160880 _L 0x20003F04 0x8EDB3EFC _L 0x20003F08 0x13600003 _L 0x20003F10 0x2484FFFF _L 0x20003F14 0x277BFFFE _L 0x20003F18 0x AE040020 _L 0x20003F1C 0x277B0001 _L 0x20003F20 0x0A25D077 _L 0x20003F24 0x AEDB3EFC _L 0x201741AC 0x0A200FCA _L 0x20003F28 0x3C160880 _L 0x20003F2C 0x8EDB3EFC _L 0x20003F30 0x13600003 _L 0x20003F38 0x24840001 _L 0x20003F3C 0x277BFFFE _L 0x20003F40 0x AE040028 _L 0x20003F44 0x277B0001 _L 0x20003F48 0x0A25D06D _L 0x20003F4C 0x AEDB3EFC _L 0x201C18BC 0x0A200FD4 _L 0x20003F50 0x3C0F0880 _L 0x20003F54 0x8DFB3EFC _L 0x20003F58 0x13600003 _L 0x20003F60 0x24A5FFFF _L 0x20003F64 0x277BFFFE _L 0x20003F68 0x277B0001 _L 0x20003F6C 0x0A270631 _L 0x20003F70 0x ADFB3EFC _L 0x20174114 0x0A200FDD _L 0x20003F74 0x3C160880 _L 0x20003F78 0x8EDB3EFC _L 0x20003F7C 0x13600003 _L 0x20003F84 0x2484FFFF _L 0x20003F88 0x277BFFFE _L 0x20003F8C 0x277B0001 _L 0x20003F90 0x0A25D046 _L 0x20003F94 0x AEDB3EFC _L 0x202F0CC0 0x3C053F00 _L 0x202F0C88 0x3C053F00 _C0 60 fps [Disable] _L 0x201448FC 0x16220005 _L 0x20004000 0x3C044000 _L 0x203778D8 0x3C044000 _L 0x20174168 0x1000001C _L 0x201741AC 0x24840001 _L 0x201C18BC 0x24A5FFFF _L 0x20174114 0x2484FFFF _L 0x202F0CC0 0x3C053F80 _L 0x202F0C88 0x3C053F80 _C0 Pocket Money _L 0x205B155C 0x004C4B40 _C0 Free vendors _L 0x E0010000 0x10194C78 _L 0x20194C78 0x00000000 _C0 Free vendors [Disable] _L 0x20194C78 0x00E53823 _C0 Instant Exorcism _L 0x E0011000 0x10331F9A _L 0x20331F98 0x1000000E _C0 Instant Exorcism [Disable] _L 0x20331F98 0x10A0000E _C0 Invincibility _L 0x E0030000 0x1033453C _L 0x2033453C 0x24160000 _L 0x20334B70 0x E66D0084 _L 0x2004973C 0x E60D008C _C0 Invincibility [Disable] _L 0x2033453C 0x44166000 _L 0x20334B70 0x E66C0084 _L 0x2004973C 0x E614008C _C0 Quick Charge _L 0x E00508C0 0x10398F3C _L 0x20398F3C 0x0A2008C0 _L 0x20002300 0x3C1B41B0 _L 0x20002304 0x449BB800 _L 0x20002308 0x46176300 _L 0x2000230C 0x0A2E63D0 _C0 Quick Charge [Disable] _L 0x20398F3C 0x46146300 _C0 Max Weapon and Unity Gauges _L 0x E003003C 0x100441C0 _L 0x200441C0 0x4614003C _L 0x20398034 0x C60C0098 _L 0x20398040 0x E60C009C _C0 Max Weapon and Unity Gauges [Disable] _L 0x200441C0 0x4600A03C _L 0x20398034 0x C60C009C _L 0x20398040 0x00000000 //apparently setting those max also confuses some npc's AI(ie.Horou), so I divided those gauge codes and changed them into multipliers: _C0 Unity Gauge Multiplier _L 0x E0070831 0x1004424C _L 0x2004424C 0x0A200831 _L 0x200020C0 0x41200000 _L 0x200020C4 0x3C080880 _L 0x200020C8 0x C51920C0 _L 0x200020CC 0x4619A502 _L 0x200020D0 0x46146B80 _L 0x200020D4 0x0A211094 //change 0x41200000 to whatever multiplier value you want in float converted to hex. _C0 Unity Gauge Multiplier [Disable] _L 0x2004424C 0x46146B80 _C0 Weapon Gauge Multiplier _L 0x E007082A 0x1033C854 _L 0x2033C854 0x0A20082A _L 0x200020A4 0x41200000 _L 0x200020A8 0x3C120880 _L 0x200020AC 0x C65720A4 _L 0x200020B0 0x4617A502 _L 0x200020B4 0x3C1208CD _L 0x200020B8 0x0A2CF216 //change 0x41200000 to whatever multiplier value you want in float converted to hex. _C0 Weapon Gauge Multiplier [Disable] _L 0x2033C854 0x3C1208CD _C0 Infinite Stamina _L 0x E0010000 0x10049848 _L 0x20049848 0x00000000 _C0 Infinite Stamina [Disable] _L 0x20049848 0x E60C0094 _C0 Infinite Skills _L 0x E0010080 0x103BC7FE _L 0x203BC7FC 0x00802021 _C0 Infinite Skills [Disable] _L 0x203BC7FC 0x00912021 _C0 Disable skills CD(not recommended with npc's) _L 0x E0010000 0x103BC00C _L 0x203BC00C 0x34070000 _C0 Disable skills CD [Disable] _L 0x203BC00C 0x34070001 _C0 Craft without materials _L 0x E0060000 0x10241A40 _L 0x20241A60 0x24040000 _L 0x2028F18C 0x54000008 _L 0x2028F24C 0x54000008 _L 0x20298294 0x24020001 _L 0x202982C4 0x24020001 _L 0x202982F4 0x24020001 _C0 Craft without materials[Disable] _L 0x20241A60 0x00402025 _L 0x2028F18C 0x56640008 _L 0x2028F24C 0x56640008 _L 0x20298294 0x10400003 _L 0x202982C4 0x10400003 _L 0x202982F4 0x10400002 _C0 Lvlup gear without exp _L 0x E00200FF 0x10298254 _L 0x20298220 0x341300FF _L 0x2029822C 0x1400003F _C0 Lvlup gear without exp[Disable] _L 0x20298220 0x8054000A _L 0x2029822C 0x1080008E //those should be safer for npc's than completely disabling CD _C0 Everlasting ground effects _L 0x E00601CC 0x1000FCD0 _L 0x2000FCD0 0x0A2001CC _L 0x20000730 0x3C0443FA _L 0x20000734 0x AE640000 _L 0x20000738 0x0E238437 _L 0x2000073C 0x02602021 _L 0x20000740 0x0A203F36 _C0 Everlasting ground effects [Disable] _L 0x2000FCD0 0x0E238437 _C0 Everlasting buffs from PB* _L 0x E00601D4 0x103BDE40 _L 0x203BDE40 0x0A2001D4 _L 0x20000750 0x3C0443FA _L 0x20000754 0x AEC40000 _L 0x20000758 0x0E238437 _L 0x2000075C 0x02C02021 _L 0x20000760 0x0A2EF792 //PB - part breaking _C0 Everlasting buffs from PB [Disable] _L 0x203BDE40 0x0E238437 _C0 Everlasting buffs* _L 0x E0120000 0x1004A418 _L 0x2004A414 0x0A20021B _L 0x2004A418 0x00000000 _L 0x2000086C 0x4480D800 _L 0x20000870 0x4614D83C _L 0x20000878 0x45010002 _L 0x2000087C 0x46147500 _L 0x20000880 0x46007506 _L 0x20000884 0x0A212907 _L 0x20000888 0x44806800 _L 0x203BDDD8 0x0A200210 _L 0x20000840 0x26520001 _L 0x20000844 0x3C044334 _L 0x20000848 0x4484B800 _L 0x2000084C 0x4617603E _L 0x20000854 0x45010003 _L 0x2000085C 0x46006300 _L 0x20000860 0x E68C0000 _L 0x20000864 0x0A2EF777 //*This affects all skills which lasts above specified value, //it's done like that to avoid freezing non buff skills which also have a skill duration, althrough very short //It's very similar to Limit max skill CD cheat, last 4 numbers of this line _L 0x20000844 0x3C044334 stores the value which is used in comparism //120.0 was default value for my X heal while testing, but I left it as 180.0 just in case.

    updating cwcheat-40updating cwcheat-36updating cwcheat-4updating cwcheat-64

    When it loads, choose I agree to the notice informing you that the program touches internal flash. When all done, press the X button and turn ON your PSP manually.Since MAME 0.186 crazyc has made some more really useful changes to the LUA cheat plugin (accessed via the Plugin Options\Cheat on the MAME TAB menu): 1.You can now once again assign cheats to activation keys and it's actually a lot easier than it used to be, you can do it via the "Set Hotkeys" option in the menu or directly by editing the gamename_file in the cheat directory. The ability to add Game Genie codes direct to the cheat.simple file in the cheat directory, eg: nes/3dworldr,gg, AEUOLTPA, Infinite Lives gameboy/addfamu,gg, C9E-F8E-081, Infinite Energy gamegear/alien3,gg,002-B1C-3B7, Infinite Energy megadriv/aaahhrmu,gg, ACFA-AACC, Infinite Lives snes/aaahhrmu,gg, C282-04A7, Infinite Energy Of course you can already use the cheatfind plugin option to find cheats if you can't get along with the debugger commandline cheat searching commands or want to try some different methods.Stream Information ~ Nico Nico ~ Campaign Qualifications Now it’s time for the Las Vegas side of Episode 4’s soundtrack!This four-disc set includes music from Esca Falz Mother and Deus Esca Zephyros, along with tracks from Adam and Phaleg.

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